Dean's photo for social media - 250 pixelsWelcome to my world of action-packed near-future sci-fi thrillers.  If your favorite escape is a good novel, you’ve come to the right place.  A long-time science geek, and a diehard futurist, I decided it would be more effective to test out the impact of emerging technologies in my head in fiction format versus dry essays.  And a new career was born.  I’ve been predicting trends accurately for decades regarding what tech breakthroughs will have the most impact on our lives, changing us possibly down to our very core.  And it shows.  One of the most oft-cited pieces of feedback from reviewers is “it’s just scary how realistic this guy’s glimpses into the future are.”

Are we headed down a dark path foreseen by the likes of George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, and Aldous Huxley?  Toward an ever-more oppressive state that will use tech advancements to get inside our heads and monitor our every thought?  Or is emerging tech more likely to turn us into virtual gods, with genetically altered bodies that don’t age, possess super-strength and other startling abilities, like 1000 IQs?  Does the positive sci-fi camp championed by folks like Iain M. Banks, Ramez Naam, and the Star Trek film franchise have a better handle on how tomorrow will play out?  You’ll have to read each and every one of my novels to the end to see for yourself as I explore the wild, wonderful, and wicked applications of nextgen technologies.

But it’s not all about drinking nanococktails to turn us into one or another of the X-Men.  My stories wouldn’t be worth reading if they didn’t come complete with well-rounded characters that you care about, bad guys you love to hate, and heroes you just want to see overcome their every obstacle, many though they may be.  Alongside of “one powerhouse imagination” and “possibly the best sci-fi writer I’ve ever read in over 10,000 books penned in the genre that I’ve leafed through,” you’ll find reviewer comments like “the word-starved Elmore Leonard writing style conveys more character in less words than most any author.”

You can click on any of my book covers to be taken directly to Amazon where you can sample the first ten percent of any of my books for free before downloading.  I encourage you to do so, because I’m sure once you do, you’ll be hooked.

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imagesEvery once in a while I come up for air to pen a space opera or a high-tech heist story or even a paranormal fantasy or two.  Like with my other books expect these to be true to action-thriller guidelines as well.

A particular tone of comedy drama unites all of my books, similar to the one used in film franchises such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Transformers, Lethal Weapon, Red, Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man, and The Expendables. Analogies among TV series would include Bones, Castle, and Supernatural.

You’ll notice the randomly rotating banners at the top of my webpages feature action thriller franchises that have a fair amount of dark humor to them.  So it is with my own writing.  So if you’re a fan of any of the film, TV, or novel franchises featured, chances are you will love my books.

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