mind-of-a-child-1-finalMind of a Child: “Sentient Serpents” (OMEGA FORCE & ALPHA UNIT, #1)

For fans of Rollins’ AMAZONIA and Crichton’s CONGO…

OMEGA FORCE’s and ALPHA UNIT’s usual assignments involve taking down warlords, overturning coups, or triggering some of their own in the name of a stable world order. With much of warmongering privatized and in the hands of corporations and military-industrial complexes, their jobs aren’t just dirty abroad, they’re dirty at home. In the U.S., they’re forced to deal with less-than-savory politics and peacekeeping missions that have more to do with enriching the corporate bottom line than with the good guys keeping the bad guys in check.

So when the Special Ops teams are called in to babysit a multibillionaire on his vacation of a lifetime in the Amazon rainforest, they are none too pleased.

The assignment is a new low.

Little do they know their charge, Natty Young, is the Tesla of his times, within whose mind many of their nextgen-tech toys are born. But he refuses to cooperate any longer with RevoCorp that holds so many DARPA contracts. Hence the attitude check of a series of war games disguised as a “vacation getaway”; maybe once he gets a taste of the real world, he’ll get over his idealism.

OMEGA FORCE and ALPHA UNIT are about to be challenged in ways they never have before coming up against the transhuman era head on, and human upgrade technology that does more than call their survival into question; it calls the survival of the human race into question.