Interview With Book Lover Sue

deadWhat is one interesting fact about you that readers don’t know?

If you’ve been following along with my two back to back blog tours, the first for Blood Brothers, which ran for three weeks, and now this one for Love on the Run, which also runs for three weeks, then you probably know more about me than I do, since to keep it fresh and interesting and to keep from repeating myself I’ve had to delve into facets of my personality and history under hypnosis that I’d long since forgotten about. Yes, I’m a certified hypnotherapist, so this answer is truthful if also admittedly a bit tongue in cheek.

As to the latest mind-bender: I kept my hair braided in Egyptian corn rows and grown down to my butt (back when I had hair) in order to blend better with the Rainbow Gatherings I attended for years. The celebrations themselves were follow ups to the original Woodstock festival for hippies who never wanted the festivities to truly end. While Woodstock itself was a bit before my time, these jubilees weren’t. These days it seems I can only be that free in my novels. There was a time when I could find my way into Eden in the real world simply by going to these gatherings. Without them, I had to open my own portal into more magical lands.

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