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Lessons I learned from my hero and heroine

I’ve read Love on the Run many times, as you might imagine, and I’m still learning things from Zinio and Delaney. I think that’s because when we write it’s from an altered state of consciousness, one in which we’re much smarter and wiser, and more in touch with our higher self, that higher power that guides our hands. Scientists would offer an explanation that is just as valid; they’d say the brain is “entrained.” Meaning that our right and left hemispheres are in sync, and our superconscious, conscious, and unconscious minds come into alignment. That’s a whole lot of mind power to throw at a task, and much more than we usually leverage. This is why when you want to change the world, you don’t posit a rational argument, your write fiction. As authors we’re all spell casters by nature because we know it is only through the altered state of consciousness of both writing and reading the book that we have this power to transform the world. So when I’ve been out of the state too long, I re-enter it, either by writing a new book, editing an existing one, or revisiting old friends, as with Zinio and Delaney.

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