Interview With Our Families Adventures

2012-07-21-job-interviewGive us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Love on the Run has three main characters, the two unlikely co-protagonists, namely the husband and wife team of bank robbers, and the antagonist, the lady detective on their trail. As to what makes them special… that might deserve a book in itself, as I wanted to write them with that degree of realness and depth. But I’ll pick one or two stand out qualities of each in the interest of brevity.

Zinio is an out-of-work risk assessment manager, and a rather brilliant one at that. So when he turns his mind to robbing banks, as it turns out, he can see more steps ahead than a supercomputer.

But, as they say, like attracts like. So, Kerry Pierce, the hotshot female FBI profiler hounding him, becomes obsessed with him precisely because he’s the most satisfying prey she’s ever hunted, and perhaps the first person who can play the game at her level. What’s most remarkable about Kerry (to me) is that even as Zinio is forcing her to face her own inner demons and get to know herself on a level she didn’t think possible, she presses on. She has the courage and self-deprecating sense of humor necessary to face any challenge; the fact that she doesn’t shrink away from anything bodes badly for our heroes.

As to Delaney, she’s the heart and soul of the story in many ways. She’s perhaps me, in female drag. She’s the human rights advocate and the bleeding heart chasing after more save-the-world causes than she can track. And she’s not beyond using the spoils from the bank robberies to make the world right. But her real gift might be working with these superstar mental athletes like Zinio and Kerry and keeping them from wasting their lives not knowing how to purposely direct that much mental energy.

But those are my impressions of the leads; because these are multifaceted characters, the readers’ takeaways might be something else entirely.

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