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a520065dedaa2a3e8613f381c2471d06We’re heading into Fall, the leaves are turning myriad colors, the air is becoming cold and crisp. But for Zinio and Delaney, my hero and heroine of Love on the Run, things are just heating up. Though very possibly they’re undergoing a transformation every bit as abrupt; you might say they’re heading into a similar twilight phase of their relationship, between the lush, warm honeymoon period and the stark cold reality of who they are when the halo effect of first love has worn off. Will they ride out the change of seasons as the creatures of the forest do, by bulking up on comfort foods and hunkering down in hopes of sleeping through the cold, stark weather ahead? Not hardly. And maybe that’s because I’ve gotten my analogies all wrong for these two. Considering they’re as in touch with the natural cycles of life as a blocked volcano trying to assure you all is well.

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