Interview with Room With Books Regarding Love on the Run

valentine_coupleDo you use your OWN experiences?

I worked in customer service for a while, and they beat it into us that people may have ten positive experiences over the phone with you, but if they have one negative one, that’s the one they’ll remember. It’s a shame that we’re wired that way, but it’s been my experience from drawing on my past that it really is so. All the nasty stuff that happens to me in life finds its way into my writing a lot sooner than the more positive stuff. The latter I fill in with my imagination. I guess because writing is meant to be therapeutic not just for the reader, but for the writer; we thus use it to exorcise our demons, work through our issues and sticking points. And it’s a valid tool to that end because I tell people I’m much smarter when I’m writing than in real life. The altered state of consciousness required for the task puts me in touch with my higher-self or higher-power better; it’s a meditative state in which insights and realizations into life not only come more readily, but also the accompanying willingness to let go of the hurt. Without this coping mechanism, I may well carry around the mental baggage with me indefinitely.

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