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Valentines-dining-coupleI remember when I wrote Love on the Run, I thought, if they ever turn this into a movie, they’re going to have to tone it down. No one’s seen whip-cracking humor this fast paced since the Howard Hawks ditty, His Girl Friday. Other screwball film comedies came to mind, not the least of them, Bringing Up Baby. But it was the Dick Powell and Myrna Loy pair ups in The Thin Man movies that most seemed to capture the flavor of Zinio’s and Delaney’s relationship. Once again I had a wave of dread sweep over me. I thought, “Man, there’s a reason comedy dramas are on the wane in films. The precise timing between the two players has to be so spot on, the chemistry so right, that it’s a tall order when you think of the amount of rehearsal time modern day actors get before they have to roll camera. One of the reasons, for instance, why Will and Grace was so successful as a TV series was that the actors lived on the set and breathed the same air for months before the show began. Without that kind of dedication, it’s just too difficult to pull off quality comedy drama these days. Yep, for sure, they’ll have to tone it down. But then I’m not that guy. I’m the guy you bring in for a dialogue polish when the script is just dead on arrival. Luckily for me, translating from the novel to film will be someone else’s job.

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