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We all have demons that will devour our souls if we let them. But chasing them away with drive and determination alone won’t do it. Technique is involved, because those fiends are wickedly smart when it comes to getting the best of us. The cleverest of them all is the one who is determined to sell us on the “true” nature of reality. He has countless minions to do his bidding in the form of self-limiting concepts he lays on us, self-destructive memes, backed up, mind you, by logic, scientific discoveries, to say nothing of peer pressure, and scapegoating, if you won’t take the hint. Luckily for me, I find “reality” to be the silliest myth of all, and one of the hardest things to buy into. Which is why, I suppose, even after throwing everything he’s got at me, he’s yet to get me under his thumb.

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