A Feast for Steampunk Aficionados

coverI had the pleasure of reading an early draft of this while it was up on wattpad. Even with the typos and the copy-editing mistakes common to all early drafts, the book was in pretty solid shape, which enticed me to read on. I was glad I did. What emerged was, not one, but a series of scintillating steampunk tales. You can read each as a short story, making this book very easy to digest in small chunks on your lunch breaks, your train rides to and from work, or if you’re someone whose reading time is very limited and sporadic. At the same time, the short tales dovetail into the larger story of Steamburo’s life, as each one is a separate adventure which includes her. So you end up with a collection of short stories that nonetheless have the satisfying feel of a full-fledged novel. Fans of George R. R. Martin will recognize that he too took this approach with his Wild Cards franchise. As models to emulate, I’m tempted to try this approach with a future series myself.

Highly recommended to lovers of steampunk. Moreover, as the author not only weaves a succession of great stories, but you’re never cheated of the essential fun of this genre, which are the alternate history takes of just what would have happened to society (in this case, Victorian England) should certain inventions have come to the fore far earlier. It’s clear the author did his homework both with regards to the technology and to the history pertinent to the times.