Q&A with Patricia of Room With Books

What is something about you your readers would be surprised to know?

In my youth we didn’t have the Burning Man celebrations that go on in the desert for weeks and months at a time. But we had something very similar to it. For decades after Woodstock, the hippies gathered in the mountains. Each year in a different state. I attended two festivals in California, one in the Shasta Mountains, one in the desert highlands outside of Los Angeles. These alternative lifestyle types came together, much as they do with Burning Man, to explore the prospect of building Eden on Earth. To steep in creative anarchy and what might be possible in a nobody-in-charge world, just a lot of wildly creative people celebrating life together. Carnival galas held annually around the world are probably the closest real life parallel. It’s a way of life, it’s an altered state of consciousness, and if it’s madness, it’s divine madness.

While easy to mock if you haven’t been a part of these gatherings, I can assure you, once you’re there, you never want to leave. And you wonder what in the heck went wrong that “real life” back at home just doesn’t taste as sweet. Those who believe we’re born angels and just learn to be human by way of all sorts of defective upbringing, colossally self-destructive memes, and just horrendous brainwashing into the “true” nature of reality, will find it very easy to prove their theory by going to one of these jubilees. I encourage you to do so even if you’re a non-believer. Sometimes fantasies can be made real; you just have to change your outlook.

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