Q&A with Lisa of Lisa Haseltons Reviews and Interviews

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I had a palm reader look at my right palm once and say, “Hmm, you’re very fickle.” She promptly handed my arm back to me and turned forward in the car seat. We were driving someplace at the time. I hated her for that. I thought, “The audacity of the woman!” But she’d clearly hit a nerve. Some years later I decided for myself, “Dean, you’ll never be able to be one thing for the rest of your life unless that one thing allows you to be everything else.” Through my writing I can be a lawyer, a doctor, a spy, a mad scientist, a health nut, and the hundred and one other things I would like to have been in real life—if only I weren’t so fickle. Better yet, I can enjoy superhuman abilities that only people who live in fantasies much of their waking life can ever hope to enjoy.

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