A Rising Star in Sci-Fi

Exile book coverFans of the “Star Wars for adults” concept now have more to choose from than just my Hundred Year Clones sagas.  Chief among the notable mentions is one title, Exile, written by one Matthew Moir.  Fitting pretty squarely under the label “rising star,” he’s yet to finish the novel.  And already I’m driven to wax poetically about it.  Moreover, as many of you might enjoy the open-source editing and feedback format of Wattpad, and may well want to leave your mark on the final version of the book.  Sort of like discovering Bruce Springsteen in his early years, while he was still very moody, and hadn’t even thought of going mainstream yet.  Just as with Bruce, this writer strikes me as destined to be widely popular with hard core sci-fi readers.

The book itself is part military sci-fi, considering the gallivanting across the cosmos in sum and sundry ships, and epic scale battles, and the sense of adventure with not knowing what’s around the next corner.  And it is part paranormal fantasy.  Much like with Star Wars, we have a central character learning to stretch his psychic and telekinetic abilities in ways you know will come to reshape human civilizations, wherever they may be spread across the heavens.  Our hero is of mixed genetic origins, and is struggling to discover exactly what he’s evolving into and what he’s destined for.  Considering his murky past, here’s where the story takes on the flavor of The Bourne Identity with our hero undergoing similar trials to piece together all that he is.

Playing against the limits of his human potential, even as it’s infused with alien genetics and esoteric practices for developing advanced degrees of mind control (think now of those Shaolin Monks tucked away in monasteries in faraway places), is the very hi-tech age in which our hero finds himself.  Namely one of advanced robotics.  To be precise, when we arrive back on Earth, we find that it has already undergone a robot revolution.  It’s evident the author fancies a theme close to my own heart (which I also explore in The Hundred Year Clones sagas) of the old school Jedi Knights types coming up against artificial intelligence in its many beguiling forms, and the other bogeymen belonging to an age to which the knights scarcely belong anymore.  Which interests will win out?  Is there something one party can teach the other?  Is there a possible merger of practices and ways of coming at the world in the cards?  To find out, you have to read the book, and I might add, considering it’s not finished, egg the writer on to get out the remaining chapters.  But that’s the fun of wattpad, being more than just a passive voyeur to an already finished product; you get to be part of the creative process itself.  For many, this is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Just click on the book cover’s image to find yourself teleported to a world you may well not want to return from anytime soon.