For Lovers of Quirky, Character Driven Stories

Catching BigfootThis short story is one of the most brilliant and wickedly funny that I’ve ever read.  Ostensibly it’s about just what the title says it is, Catching Bigfoot.  Read between the lines though, if you can wipe back the tears from laughing so hard, and it’s a story about humans determined to stretch themselves well beyond their limitations, getting in over their heads, and making a hopeless mess of things.  It’s about characters not nearly smart enough or resourceful enough to capitalize on a good thing even when it’s handed to them.  It’s the story about each of us and how we’re done in by our inability to get some distance on ourselves, and to deal with the mounting pressures put upon us by a world that’s just changing far too fast for anyone to keep up.  A world in which no one ever seems quite smart enough to thrive, unless perhaps they’re a one-percenter.  The fact that the author can fit all that in within a paranormal horror story makes this also a bit of an allegory, I suppose.  But the even more remarkable feat is that the wry commentary on and metaphor for the hopeless trials and tribulations of modern life never weighs the story down.  Just the opposite, for such an outrageous, totally unrealistic tale, it’s all too real, and as with all good writing, helps us to get a grip on what we need to change in ourselves, and why we need to change if we are to survive the more mundane world we all live in, if you could call a world that gets the better of us most days, “mundane.”