The Designated Survivor

The Designated SurvivorShould be required reading in high school. Never before have I seen teen psychology so well exposed. The heady mix of hormones and intensified emotions mixed with making the first big time decisions of their lives often leads to explosive ends. Nowhere is that more true than in The Designated Survivor. Our heroine, caught in an impossible situation, fighting for her life, is put under the kinds of pressures that expose the cracks in her thinking just when she needs to find her way around a mad killer. Lucky for us, she is stalked just as much by JC’s black humor as the dark fates. The blending of knuckle-biting terror with off key humor is reminiscent of some of the best writers in Hollywood who penned things like American Psycho–whose tone isn’t all that removed from this book. Strap in for one really fun ride. The only thing faster paced than this novella was my reading of it; I couldn’t put it down.