Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan

Sky City - The Rise of an OrphanThis is really a masterpiece of a debut novel. Mr. Hale demonstrates an imagination and flair for storytelling that puts him in league with the best sci-fi writers of today. The story’s forward momentum is relentless, and I found it impossible to put the book down. Set in India, amid the poorest of the poor, the social commentary regarding the abuses being perpetrated against the masses of humanity remains poignant and heartfelt throughout. And though set in the future, the writer can’t help but shine a revealing light on what’s going on in today’s world. As such, this story is one of the best impetuses I’ve yet encountered in fiction to get off our duffs and do something about social inequity. And that makes this more than just a triumph of great storytelling; it’s a transformative bit of magic that leaves the reader and the world forever changed for the better.

Follow our slumdog as he overcomes every crushing obstacle put in his way, and uses those pressures to transform himself from less than nothing in the downward cast eyes of his social “betters” into an unstoppable, larger than life force, who will spearhead a rebellion to bring justice to an unjust world. Will the rebellion succeed or fail? And either way, will he lose his humanity in the process of becoming superhuman?