Safarka’s Butterflies

Sarfarka's ButterfliesMr. Kanouse does a wonderful job of infusing future tech into every moment of his character’s lives. We see the degree to which it frames their reality and their psychologies. This is an intense world. The story is part psycho-thriller, part mystery, and all hard sci-fi. There’s a definite Blade Runner feel to it. One of the big questions the author raises is what happens when we can inhabit each other’s dreams? The first part of the story left me wanting more detail and scene painting, as I struggled along with the hero through the early phases of his initiation into a device he purchases from a pawn dealer. I would soon realize I was being set up in a big way. Just like with our real dreams, early attempts to recall them can be very sketchy. Ultimately, the 2nd and 3rd acts really delivered on the premise and took me on a harrowing, knuckle biting ride. I can’t wait for him to tackle a full size novel.