Lemon Drops and Love

Lemon Drops and LoveI got a chance to see an earlier version of Lemon Drops and Love on wattpad while it was still taking shape. And then I got to watch it “grow up” over a succession of drafts. The writer from the outset showed great promise and it was particularly dazzling to follow her learning curve from “talented amateur” to “equally gifted professional writer” in such a short time. One indicator of how impressed I was by her unique, and warmly inviting narrative voice is I don’t usually read in this genre. In fact it’s fair to say it’s well outside of my bailiwick. Most romances are so syrupy sweet with the love stuff I have to reach for a sugar blocker before we’re out of the first chapter.

Angela, moreover, does a masterful job of intertwining A & B stories. Her B story is a psychological thriller that involves the desperate ex’s attempts to win his girlfriend back that puts this book on a par with Sleeping With the Enemy. Fans of that film, and loyalists of the Lifetime Network channel will feel right at home here with the abuse and terror that a demented control freak male can wield. But I found this story thread also gave male readers an in to the book and kept it from degenerating into pure “mummy porn” or your typical harlequin romance. Though the A-story offers plenty of both, lol.

The characters were likable, believable and engaging, and you couldn’t help root for them. Even the bad guy is someone you love to hate. I felt myself wanting to reach through the pages and strangle him personally. And I’m an easy-going, hard-to-rile, long-fused pacifist at heart! Even more interestingly, the author does such a good job at the twisted inner workings of his mind that it’s difficult to imagine this book not helping to walk people through their own recoveries from such relationships; anything they might not understand about what just happened to them and why will be shed light on here.